About Cinema with cj

“This is why I don't want to go online cause it's never good. You go online, they hated Forrest Gump. Frickin' best movie ever.” - Ray Romano, The Big Sick.

I began my true cinema journey the same average male my age did - by watching a movie by Quentin Tarantino. Living my life accompanied by the same Pulp Fiction poster on my wall through high school and university with a growing DVD collection, it was only a matter of time until I threw myself into viewing the world of film criticism on the internet. 

And hoo boy.

People can be negative on the internet.

But I don’t intend to take down haters on the internet, that’s not my mission statement. My mission is to reinforce my love of cinema and hopefully remind some of you why you love Cinema. And maybe be more varied of a film critic rather than be another one overly critical about bad movies. Because let’s face it. Movies can suck. And people have said it in every way on the internet since like 2006.

And I once said it all perfectly about one of my least favourite movies online anyway. If you want me to go off on a movie, just find and replace the film titles.

I’m a writer who has dabbled across the internet multiple times talking about film and other media, but now it’s time for me to hopefully set up a home to settle in. 

You’ll find reviews and news and editorials and other things you might expect, I’m sure. But you’ll find other things, too. You’ll see the silver linings towards quote unquote “bad” movies. You’ll see what works in one film but doesn’t work in another. You’ll discover why you might be wrong about your holier than thou stance on a film you’ve seen (Note: I’M NOT GONNA TOUCH THE LAST JEDI. I respect your opinions just enough to not open that can of worms when I’m just starting out), and you’ll see why sometimes predicting a movie can be right, and sometimes you’re incorrect to do so. That’s gonna be a complicated one.

Basically, you’re gonna get the usual film blog experience, and you’re gonna get some other viewpoints you might not have considered. It will be a friendly place, a curious place, a fun place.

So let's go do this! Welcome. To Cinema.